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Tell a millennial there was a time when doctors made house calls and they’ll look at you in disbelief. Today, insurance has changed how, when, and where doctors treat their patients. It’s a paradigm run by people in corporate towers, not medical offices. When 2000 rolled around, many doctors were ready for a change and adopted a new model: concierge medicine. Under the concierge medicine model, patients are charged an annual retainer fee for a menu of services, and, more important, given greater access and time with their doctor. This more personalized approach has significant benefits for both patient and physician. We know—we’ve seen it first hand and its why we recommend concierge medicine to many of our clients.

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The first thing that comes to the mind of many families when we suggest concierge medicine is that it is not covered by insurance. That is true. But what’s also true is that the higher level of attention leads to better health and better quality of life, not just for the patient, but also for the family and loved ones.

The value of concierge medicine is best illustrated by the experience of one of our clients, who we will call Edward. Edward had been blessed with a wonderful life, a loving family, and a beautiful home on the water. Toward the end of his life, Edward was diagnosed with a very serious disease that brought frequent complications. He was in and out of nursing homes and hospital ICU’s.

Pat Kenny, our local Client Services Manager recommended concierge medicine and the results were profound. “With concierge medicine, we were able to set-up a mini ICU in Edward’s home. We staffed the home with private nurses who had 24-hour access to Edward’s physician. The physician did home visits and was able to communicate directly and immediately what he wanted to the nurses and to the family,” says Pat. “This customized medical care enabled Edward to remain in the comfort of his home and avoid going in and out of hospitals. His quality of life and health noticeably improved. Edward lived, truly lived life through his last year.”

But it wasn’t just Edward who lived life. Edward’s wife and family were also spared the merry-go-round of emergency rooms. They enjoyed time with Edward at home and were comforted knowing that he was receiving superior bedside nursing around the clock and that an excellent doctor was always available.

For many clients, having this access to personalize medical care means going home earlier from a hospitalization or rehab facility, or avoiding one altogether. It allows for better management of ongoing wellness, and enables the physician to be proactive rather than reactive. Working in conjunction with a private nurse or professional caregiver, the impact on a client’s health can be remarkable. Especially for clients who are predominantly homebound, Pat says, “They see what’s possible in the comfort of their home.”

At Privatus, we are the forefront of finding ways to improve our clients’ physical, mental, and social well-being. By partnering with concierge medical practices from Boston to Manhattan to Fairfield, Westchester and Bergen Counties, we are able to offer the finest in customized home care. Our higher level of care makes a better quality of life possible for our clients and their families.