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Rehab At Home

After a hospital stay, private care at home can be an uplifting alternative to a stay in a rehab facility.  Rehabilitation at home is a truly viable option preferred by many and often overlooked in the discharge process.

With Privatus, you can recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home surrounded by family, personal belongings, and home-cooked meals.  Our team of caregivers successfully manages simple to complex needs including medication management, safety supervision, nutrition, and exercise regimes.  Every aspect of your recovery is customized to support your personal preferences, from your daily schedule to managing your stream of visitors.  Nothing is overlooked that contributes to a safe and dignified recovery.

To ensure a smooth transition and a comprehensive management of all health issues, your Privatus nurse will escort you to follow up appointments and communicate with your physician and/or other providers on a regular basis.

Your healthcare. Your lifestyle. Your choice.