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Private Nursing

While often overlooked as an option, many families have greatly appreciated the value of hiring a nurse even if only for a day or two, and even without a clinical “need”.  Because of a nurse’s education and clinical training, they are equipped to detect subtle changes that occur during an illness or after a hospital stay. These changes can be especially critical in an elder where symptoms can go unnoticed and changes can occur rapidly.

In addition to delivering traditional nursing care, a nurse can act as an advocate for you or your loved one during a hospital stay, in an assisted living facility, or at home. This can be especially helpful for those with multiple diagnoses, taking multiple medications and being followed by more than one physician.

When to consider nursing?

The transition from hospital to home can be difficult for many people, often trying to manage new medications, being uncertain about physical symptoms, while trying to maintain proper nutrition and hydration. Because this is a significant challenge, it often results in a hospital readmission that is clearly disruptive and in most cases preventable. Private nursing care for the first few days after discharge can be of tremendous value for a smooth transition, reducing anxiety and keeping you safe at home.

In a similar manner, private nursing can be helpful after a significant stay in a skilled nursing facility. With a holistic approach, your nursing team will completely manage your care and act as an advocate with other health care professionals. Not only beneficial to the patient, but nursing at home is also a comforting resource to the spouse and other family members.