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One of the best things about living in New England is the change of seasons. With fall in full swing, it’s a time of special delights. Chowder on Cape Cod, the quiet beaches of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, apple picking in upper Westchester County, and for Boston fans, the Red Sox coming into the home stretch of a stellar season. For seniors and those who have medical conditions, the change of seasons is also an opportunity to change things up.


October is the time to get out the cashmere sweaters, soft wraps, wool socks. It’s time to change over your wardrobe, but for a senior or someone with a medical condition, it can be exhausting and sometimes physically impossible. A caregiver can be that extra set of hands that carefully packs away your summer clothes, and moves cottons and linens to the back of the closet. Caregivers can lift heavy sweaters, jackets, and blazers. They can organize drawers and hanging clothes to make items ease to find and wrinkle-free. They can also help sort through what fits, what needs fixing (missing buttons, dry cleaning, washing), and what can be donated. Caregivers can do the run to Goodwill and dry cleaners, and the washing and ironing. They can also take their clients shopping to freshen up the wardrobe and replace worn or missing items. Our concierge-level care goes beyond activities of daily living. They are about maintaining the level of activity to which you are accustomed, and making sure you do it all looking your best.


Crisp apples, cider, pumpkin bread, bread pudding, roasted turkey, pan roasted root vegetables, silky soups. The fall is filled with delicious flavors. Caregivers can change up their clients menu to reflect colder temps and what’s in season. The fall is also the time to dig into lots of traditional favorite and holiday foods. A live-in caregiver can both prepare the food or assist in going out to restaurants and gatherings. Sharing in the bounty of the season makes food taste all the more delicious.


The fall is known for clean-up around the house, especially outdoor tasks. Caregivers can assist with giving direction to the gardener for leaf removal, winterizing flower beds, and fertilizing lawns. They can direct a handy man on making sure gutters are clean, deck furniture is put away, and fresh logs are stacked by the fireplace. It may also be a good time to get windows cleaned and heavier linens on the bed. Of course, there are always the every day home maintenance issues that can creep up and be a source of concern and frustration. Our concierge-level caregivers can help to place the appropriate service calls and do the follow-up. Professional caregivers know that comfort at home is a primary mandate and will go the extra length to ensure peace of mind.

Privatus makes sure that your caregiver meets your needs at all times, and adjusts for all seasons. To learn more about our private care solutions, contact Privatus at (866) 369-5974.