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At Privatus, we are very proud of all of our caregivers. This week, we are delighted to share the story of Pansy McNeil and the care she so tenderly bestowed on Marie B.

Pansy and Marie. They were quite the pair. Marie was sweet and full of life, but aging had left her unable to manage daily living alone. Pansy was patient, kind, and a devoted caregiver. For almost five years—until Marie passed away—they were a duo.

Marie was accustomed to an active social life and age was not going to deprive her of getting together with her friends. Pansy, who shared cared for Marie with another Privatus caregiver, spent 3 to 4 days each week with Marie. Pansy took Marie to the senior center, she took her to appointments, she took Marie everywhere she wanted to go.

Marie had always been meticulous with her appearance, and Pansy made sure that every day Marie looked neat and polished. Marie enjoyed food, and Pansy lovingly prepared fresh foods every day – no packaged foods would do. There was hot oatmeal, pancakes, fresh fruit salad, smoothies, and an assortment of baked goods – the better to share with her friends at the senior center. As one relative remarked, delicious aromas were almost always wafting from the oven.

Each day, Pansy would sit with Marie and review the daily agenda, they would plan ahead on the calendar. Pansy would help Marie call relatives and stay in touch with her family. When the weather was nice, the two could be found sitting in the sunshine on the back porch sipping ice tea, Marie, glowing with contentment. When Pansy first started working with Marie, Marie was ambulatory. Through the years, Marie’s strength diminished, and she started to need a wheelchair. Even as Marie’s health declined, Pansy made sure they kept up with meeting Marie’s friends at the senior center.

Pansy was attuned to the slightest changes in Marie’s physical and mental state. One morning Marie awoke and didn’t seem her usual chipper self. She wouldn’t eat, and although by this time Marie was 90% non-verbal, Pansy could tell by her actions and facial expressions, that something was wrong. Pansy immediately called Tanya, Privatus’s local Supervisor of Client Services, who is a registered nurse. Tanya immediately came over, did a medical assessment, and recommended a visit to the doctor. Pansy arranged a same-day appointment and drove Marie to the doctor, who diagnosed diverticulitis and put her on medication. On another occasion, Pansy noticed a rash—an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Quick action, including a call to the doctor and a change in medication, got Marie feeling better.

People admired the close relationship between the two women. It elicited comments like this:

Marie’s daughter and entire family couldn’t say enough about both aides, particularly Pansy. They said that they cared for her impeccably for 4 years, as if she were family. A woman at the senior center described how Pansy, no matter what weather, ensured that Marie was there, dressed beautifully. She’s seen hundreds of aides in the years she’s worked with the elderly, and no one matches Pansy.

At Privatus, we are extremely proud of Pansy and her strong bond with Marie. Providing matchless care is what we strive for with each and every one of our clients. From caregivers who go beyond the norm to a professional support team, Privatus is dedicated to providing only the best for all the Marie’s who depend on us for care and support.