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Nurse Advocacy

Perhaps you are completely independent with your activities of daily living and do not need caregiver assistance. Whether you live in your own home or in an assisted living community, a nurse advocate can help you maintain your independence and prevent clinical setbacks.

Through as little as a weekly visit, your nurse will gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical conditions, daily challenges and personal concerns. We will help you to make appropriate adjustments to support your lifestyle and the activities you most enjoy. Most importantly, our nurse may detect subtle and important changes in your condition before they become a crisis and could lead to an unwanted hospital stay.

For example, taking multiple medications is the norm in the senior population, and is often the cause of medication-related problems. An advocate can help to recognize possible signs and symptoms of issues so they can be addressed immediately.

Your advocate can also transport and accompany you to medical appointments and be a key communicator to family members and others on your healthcare team.

Your health care. Your lifestyle. Your choice.