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Care Management

With the decision to use Privatus private care services comes the comfort and security in knowing that all care management is seamlessly provided by a seasoned Privatus nurse – at no additional expense.

Starting with an initial in-depth assessment, our nurse will work with you to develop a written and detailed plan of care that is safe, clinically appropriate, and satisfies your personal preferences.  Caregivers are then carefully selected based on their experience and personality then given a customized orientation regarding your plan of care.

Your Privatus nurse will be present at the onset of care to ensure a smooth start and clear expectations.  As we move forward, regular supervisory visits will ensure that you receive the kind of support that enhances your well-being and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Prompt updates to your physician and other providers are key to comprehensive, holistic, and proactive care.  We are well-regarded for our detailed and routine communications, collaborating with your medical team regarding any concerns or changes in your condition. Our goal is to minimize disruptive office and emergency room visits and keep you safe at home.