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Music for Soul & Mind

It’s astounding what music does to us. It can lift our spirits, calm our nerves, get everyone singing, a crowd dancing, and it can evoke vivid memories. Research on the effects of music on those with Alzheimer’s and dementia are astonishing.

To Your Health & Wellness

Stay active, stay young. It’s a basic recipe for good health at any age and also for recovery from illness or surgery. Of course, with age or injury there can be limitations. The concept is to do something—what that something is depends on your interests, access, and physical condition.

Home for the Holidays

No matter what “home” means to you, on our holiday wish list is for our clients to be comfortable and enjoy time with their loved ones. As you age or if you are recovering from a medical issue, this can present challenges. Here’s how a Privatus caregiver help you manage the holidays.

The Host of the Party

December is virtually synonymous with parties. Holiday, office, and New Years parties; cocktail and dinner parties, caroling and Hanukkah parties; tree, cookie, and gingerbread house decorating … the list goes on.

Getting Around Town … or the Globe

One of the most frustrating aspects of aging or recovering from surgery is the difficulty of getting around town, let alone places farther afield. For some it’s the loss of driving their car; for others it’s managing the vast crowded terrain of airports and train stations.

Making the Most of Family Occasions

As you age, nothing brightens the day better than a family occasion. Whether it is a birthday brunch, a baby shower, or a holiday dinner—hello Thanksgiving turkey!—getting together with those who know and love you best, can be the best pick-me-up of all. For the...

4 Hours with Ashley

Meet Ashley Yau, Lifestyle Support Specialist at Privatus. Ashley is that special breed of caring, experienced, and resourceful home care professional. She’s an important part of our management team, coordinating the needs of our clients – from seniors to those...

Weddings and Grandmothers: Let Us Handle the Logistics

Few things can bring more joy to a grandmother than to hear there is a wedding being planned and having something to look forward to in the distant future gives anyone a reason to get out of bed each morning. But, nothing can bring more concern than fearing not being...