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Planning Your Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes summer vacations. For many, summer vacation is a multi-generational family event. But what happens as a grandparent gets older or a family member struggles with a serious illness?

Podcasts We Love and You Will, Too

For those whose social life may have quieted down a bit as they’ve gotten older or who are recovering at home from illness or surgery, podcasts are the enlightening, educational, engaging connection to the world. And best of all, you can take the world with you wherever you go…and at any time.

Indulging Your Passions

Just because you’ve gotten older or are recovering from sickness or surgery doesn’t mean your passions need to fall by the wayside.

Preventing Falls

During the winter months, we’re particularly aware of the hazards posed by black ice or slushy sidewalks but, while falls are the number one cause of injury to seniors, they can’t always be blamed on Mother Nature.

Dogs Are More Than Companions

They give unconditional love. They jump when you walk you in the door. They sleep beside you and follow your every step. Our dogs are more than our companions—they are a precious part of our lives and our families.

Music for Soul & Mind

It’s astounding what music does to us. It can lift our spirits, calm our nerves, get everyone singing, a crowd dancing, and it can evoke vivid memories. Research on the effects of music on those with Alzheimer’s and dementia are astonishing.

To Your Health & Wellness

Stay active, stay young. It’s a basic recipe for good health at any age and also for recovery from illness or surgery. Of course, with age or injury there can be limitations. The concept is to do something—what that something is depends on your interests, access, and physical condition.